CESKA Karate 2013                    

CESKA Karate

Name: Wayne Albone  
Club: Buckden/Brampton  
Favourite Kata: Kanku-Dai  
Grading Record
Grade Date Kata
Shodan 01-04-00 Kanku-Dai
Nidan 06-04-03 Nijushiho
Sandan 19-05-07 Kanku-Sho
Yondan 19-11-11 Gojushiho-Dai
Ever since I was very young I had wanted to train in a martial art, but never had the confidence to start. That was until I reached my mid 20s and I decided to jump in at the deep end. I was supposed to start with my best friend, but he let me down, so I ended up starting on my own.

I have always been a fan of all types of martial art films, however, with the little knowledge I have obtained, I find myself both questioning and admiring the ability of the actors within the fight scenes. Since I have started training I have never looked back, I thoroughly enjoy my weekly training sessions, occasional course and even the odd competition. These have managed to change my personality from a quiet and shy young man, into a not so quiet and shy slightly older man. My other interests include messing about with computers, so my wife says (hence this web site), DIY (which takes up most of my weekends) and looking after my two young sons.