CESKA Karate 2013                    

CESKA Karate

Name: Thomas Shepherd  
Club: Buckden Instructor  
Favourite Kata:    
Grading Record
Grade Date Kata
Shodan 08-09-90 Gankaku
Nidan 13-03-93 Nijushiho
Sandan 08-04-01 Tekki Sandan
Yondan 10-04-05  
Godan 30-03-10  
I started training at St. Neots Shotokan Karate Club in 1982 under the instruction of Sensei Balfor, Sensei Mc Nelly, and Sensei Coppen. The St. Neots Club were members of Traditional Association of Shotokan Karate (TASK), with Chief Instructor Sensei John Van Weenen. Currently I teach Karate at St. Neots and Buckden Clubs, while enjoying training at many other clubs, associations, and open courses. I also enjoy weight training and cycling which I have been cross training into my Karate for the last 14 years. I am currently employed as a carpenter, and enjoy working inside and out.