CESKA Karate 2013                    

CESKA Karate

Name: Stephen Lucas
Club: St. Neots
Favourite Kata: Gankaku (From what I've learnt so far)
Grading Record
Grade Date Kata
Shodan 26-11-05 Kanku-Dai

started karate at the age of seven in St.Neots in 1998. Chubby and timid, I would mostly spend my weekends keeping the bench warm for the local football team. As fun as this was, I decided if I was to join a sport it may as well be one I enjoy and something that I could actually progress at. So I gathered a group of friends and headed down one Friday evening to test it out. Although different than I expected, it was something fun and would prove useful in a real life situation. As time passed by, my friends I had joined with, lost interest, as tempted as I was to just follow in their footsteps and quit, I looked down towards the end of the hall and saw the purple belts doing a roundhouse kick. I thought to myself, now that's what I want to learn, so I continued and ever since found that karate keeps getting better and more meaningful as you progress. Now I feel that karate has made me a more confident and athletic person. Luckily, I have not yet been in a situation where I have had to use karate but in the future I hope to improve my techniques and perhaps look at other clubs to gain a wider fighting knowledge. (None of which becoming before Shotokan of course)After receiving my black belt my eyes were opened to how much more there is to learn and that really my karate is just beginning. As for now I would prefer to concentrate on refining my basic techniques, (in particular kicks) before thinking about anything else. I would also like to build my karate to a good standard worthy of competitions.

Although Karate takes up most of my schedule, in my spare time I play Football & Badminton with friends, play guitar and have been for 8 months now, take part in shows with 'Positive Action' Dance group - may sound feminine but it's strangely similar to Karate. Other than these I also take part in school shows, which I was one of the main roles in last summer, I also help improve the schools facilities as I have been on the student council for 3 years running. When I leave school I would like to pursue a career either in Computing, English, Biology or Media.