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Name: Mark Bottoms  
Club: St. Neots Instructor  
Favourite Kata: Unsu  
Grading Record
Grade Date Kata
Shodan 29-09-91 Ji'in
Nidan 19-03-94 Meikyo
Sandan 14-01-98 Kanku-Sho
Yondan 10-04-05  
I was initially drawn in to the “martial arts” arena when my brothers and sister started Judo. My enthusiasm for Judo was not as great as theirs and I looked elsewhere for an alternative. I started practicing Traditional Shotokan Karate 22 years ago at the age of 17. I started training, under Sensei Coppen, at St Neots towards the latter end of 1982 and past my first grading in 1983. St Neots has been my main dojo from that day. St Neots at that time came under the umbrella of TASK, (Chief Instructor, Sensei Van Weenen) were I graded from 10kyu to the Nidan. In 1994 I followed my instructor to the newly formed CFTS were I obtained my Sandan. I enjoy karate and in my early years took part in a number of Kata and freestyle fighting tournaments. I started to concentrate on teaching about 15 years ago and have not looked back since. Teaching Kata, bunkai and coaching other Dan grades in their teaching skills are the aspects of Karate that I now enjoy most. Sensei Shepherd and myself took over as the main instructors of St Neots, from Sensei Coppen, in 2000. You never think for one moment that you will, in time, be the instructor of the club you initially joined all those years ago. On a more philosophical note. Many people get many different benefits from practicing Karate. For me karate has covered a large part of my life with varying degrees of intensity and dedication. Over the last 20 years my life has changed, I’ve encountered numerous ups and downs but karate has always been the stabilizing factor in the background.