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Name: Kevin Sherwood  
Club: Buckden  
Favourite Kata: Chinte  
Grading Record
Grade Date Kata
Shodan 26-09-98 Gankaku
Nidan 28-03-04 Sochin
Sandan 24-11-07 Bassai-Sho
I began to learn martial arts when I was at school, we were all taught Judo (we didn’t have a choice), and to my surprise I enjoyed it. Thus my interest in martial arts began. After leaving school I took up Karate, since then I have trained under four different associations as well as visiting clubs and attending courses. This has widened my views of Karate. When I first started grading with S.I.K.A. there was no grading syllabus, you had to make up your own Kumite sets and the Basics were whatever the examiner decided on the day. My other interests are football (Chelsea), having played and managed a local team. I also keep fit by running and weight training, at one time I would race in half marathons most weekends.