CESKA Karate 2013                    

CESKA Karate

Name: Jack Chitty  
Club: St. Neots  
Favourite Kata: Gankaku  
Grading Record
Grade Date Kata
Shodan 29-10-00 Enpi
Nidan 2010 Gankaku
I started karate in RAF Bruggen in Germany in September 1994. My dad took me along to the station club. I also trained with 7th Dan Peter Brokers in a club in Mhunchengladbach. I moved to England in 1995 and joined St. Neots in April 1996. I have a few hobbies which are snowboarding, biking, shooting, and basketball. I am also part of an Air Cadet Squadron and have been for almost three years. I have gained my RAF marksman in shooting. I also play the drums and I am currently doing grade 6.