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Name: Cathy Harness  
Club: St. Neots  
Favourite Kata: Bassai-Sho  
Grading Record
Grade Date Kata
Shodan 1989 Kanku-Dai
Nidan 1991 Gankaku
Sandan 1995 Bassai-Sho
I started karate in 1982 at the age of six. My first Dojo was Eynesbury Primary School. I had three instructors, Sensei Balfor, Sensei Mc Nelly, and Sensei Coppen. I can remember the very first time we went to the club. Mum and dad took us to have a look. Tom (Shepherd) joined in but I was a bit nervous so I stayed with mum and dad. However, it wasn’t long before I started to try a few moves, and that was that, I was hooked! Twenty-two years ago when Sensei Shepherd and I started there were very few children in the club. But I was not deterred. I enjoyed the discipline and the etiquette that was expected of me. I trained hard and was proud to be a martial artist. Outside of karate I live with my husband and my two young boys. I enjoy walking, swimming and toddler football. I have also done much studying in the past, achieving my business studies degree in 1998.